Grade 4
Chapters available


1.Multiples9.Divisibility17.The distance from a point to a line
2.Multiplying a number by 10 ; 100 ; 1 000 10.Perpendicular lines - Parallel lines18. Fractions 
3.Multiplication 11.Division by a number with 2 digits19.Decimals 
4.Multiplication of some whole numbers12.Circles - Particular quadrilaterals20.Decimals - The hundredths 
5.Geometry 13.Numbers less than 99 99921.Decimals - Whole number part,decimal part
6.Division - Repetitive subtraction 14.Numbers larger than 99 99922.Decimals - Addition and subtraction
7.Euclidean division15.Larger numbers23.Multiplying a decimal by a number
8.Lines - Semi lines - Segments16.Masses  


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